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The Ponaganset Music Parents Association is comprised mainly of parents of students in the Ponaganset High School Instrumental & Chorus Music Programs. Our primary goal as an organization is to assist the PHS Band & Chorus Directors in any way possible to help the Music Programs run smoothly and efficiently, thereby aiding the Directors and the Students in their pursuit of musical excellence.

Members of the Association work hand in hand with the Band & Chorus Directors throughout the year to help make this program one of the finest in the country. In order for our organization to succeed in its goal, we must rely on our members to volunteer their time and talents. Volunteer duties include providing hospitality for various events throughout the school year; producing memos, flyers, and other publications; maintaining a web site; and conducting fundraisers to help our students pay for their spring music festival trips.

We encourage all parents to do their fair share of volunteer work for our organization, our Directors, and our Students!

The PHSMPA is led by five officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. A slate of candidates for these offices, chosen by the Nominating Committee, is presented at the Annual Meeting in June and Officers are elected by the membership at that time.

Executive Board
The PHSMPA is guided by the Executive Board, consisting of the Ponaganset High School Band Director, Chorus Director, and the PHSMPA Officers.

Once your child is enrolled in the PHS Music Program, you automatically become an Active Member of the PHSMPA. Associate Members include the students and any interested Foster/Glocester residents.

Meetings of the Ponaganset Music Parents Association are held on the second Monday of each month - September thru June. In the case of a Monday holiday, the meeting is held on the first Monday of the month. In the case of a school cancellation, the meeting is held on the third Monday. Reminders are often sent home with the Students, and the schedule is also posted on the PHSMPA website (www.ponagansetband.org). PHSMPA meetings are usually attended by the Band Director and Chorus Director, and are a good way to stay in touch with your Student's music-related activities. Students are also encouraged to attend these meetings.

    Time: 6:30 PM
    Place: Ponaganset High School Chorus Room


Standing Committees are mandated by the PHSMPA Constitution and are necessary to the basic functioning of the PHSMPA. Standing Committee Chairpersons are encouraged to attend meetings of the Executive Board. The Band & Chorus Directors serve ex officio on all Standing Committees.

Budget Committee
The Budget Committee proposes all estimated expenditures and recommends ways and means of raising the funds necessary to meeting said expenditures.

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee examines the rules by which the organization operates and proposes revisions as necessary. These proposals are presented to the membership for approval and subjected to a vote.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee recruits volunteers and presents a slate of Officers at the Annual Meeting.


Business Committees are traditional, but not mandated by the PHSMPA Constitution. These committees are responsible for helping out at concerts, raising funds for the students' spring music festival trips, and generally assisting the Band & Chorus Directors in the efficient functioning of Music Program events. The following committees are currently in place, but some may be added and others deleted as needed.

Related Terms:

Annual Program
Early each year our Chorus and Instrumental Music Students solicit ads for the "Annual Program" from family, friends, and businesses. These booklets are compiled by the PHSMPA Committee members, assigned by the President of PHSMPA, and prepare the ad book for bulk printing. The booklets, which contain Music Program information as well as contributors' ads, are distributed to hundreds of concert-goers throughout the year.

    Financial Information: 100% of the net profit from this fundraiser goes toward the Student Accounts.

Concert Tickets
The Concert Tickets Committee sells "at the door" any concert tickets that may be available. Printing of tickets is paid for by the PHSMPA General Fund.

    Financial Information: $4 out of the $5 for pre-concert ticket sales goes directly into the Student Accounts. The $1 increase is for payment for a Fire Marshall and a police officer; 100% of the income from the sale of tickets "at the door" goes toward the PHSMPA General Fund.

Concert Ushers & Door Attendants
Concert Ushers greet our concert-goers with a smile and a program as they enter the auditorium. Door Attendants monitor the auditorium entrances so that hallway noise is kept to a minimum during musical selections, much appreciated by the Directors and students. This committee also enforces the rules of the school and the   Music Directors regarding food and drink in the auditorium, entry during musical selections, etc. Door attendants arrange their schedules in advance so that no one misses his student's portion of the performance.

The Floral Committee arranges the purchase of boutonnieres for our Band & Chorus Directors, and presents our gift to the Directors shortly before each concert.

The Hospitality Committee provides snacks and beverages at a nominal fee during various events throughout the school year. Baked goods are usually donated by Band Parents and snacks and soda are solicited from area businesses by the committee members.

    Financial Information : 100% of the net profit from this fundraiser goes to the  PHSMPA General Fund.

The Publicity Committee notifies the Providence Journal-Bulletin, The Observer, The Woonsocket Call, and other area publications of upcoming PHSMPA functions, meetings and other events throughout the year as needed.

The Raffles Committee solicits or purchases raffle prizes from area businesses and organizes raffles at concerts and other events throughout the year.

    Financial Information: 100% of the net profit from this fundraiser goes toward the PHSMPA General Fund.

Senior Gifts
Each year the PHSMPA presents a keepsake to our graduating seniors in the band & Chorus Music Programs ... a small token of our appreciation for all the beautiful music they have given us. This committee window-shops for appropriate gifts, and presents their ideas and pricing information to the membership. After a vote by the membership, the committee takes care of purchasing and wrapping the gifts, which are then presented to the seniors at the last concert of the school year.

The Uniforms Committee notifies all students about the fittings schedule at Our Place Tuxedos & Uniforms located in North Providence, RI at the beginning of the school year. They also help collect and inventory school-owned uniform items at the end of the school year, and see that everything is professionally cleaned and ready to go for the following year.

Website & Facebook
PHSMPA assigned member(s) will update and maintain website and Facebook page to disseminate  PHSMPA information to parents and students. The website address is
www.ponagansetband.org.* And if you're on Facebook, look us up and "Like" us, or go directly to our website we have a link!

*The formal organization name of PBPA is also PHSMPA for intents and purposes for materials used in publication, website, and Facebook.


Traditionally, four concerts are scheduled throughout the school year:

  • November Concert
  • December Concert (usually two performances)
  • February Concert
  • May Concert

Concert tickets are $5 each and usually go on sale approximately two weeks before each concert. Because of the large number of students in the Chorus and Instrumental Music Programs and the availability of only 500 tickets per performance, parents are encouraged to purchase concert tickets soon as they are available. The ticket sales schedule is announced by the Band and Chorus Directors during class, and parents are urged to communicate frequently with their students regarding any band-related announcements as a scheduled concert approaches.

Each student is initially allowed to order two tickets. This order should be in the form of an envelope marked with the student's name and the number of tickets requested (maximum of two). A check made out to "PHS Band" should be placed in the envelope and the envelope sealed. Please note that placing cash rather than a check in the envelope will void the request. This envelope should then be placed in the "Concert Tickets" box in the Band or Chorus Director's office. The Band and Chorus Directors then collect the envelopes, completes the orders, assigns the appropriate amount to the Student Accounts, and distributes the tickets to the students. Following this initial ticket distribution, additional tickets may be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Financial Information: $4 out of the $5 for pre-concert ticket sales goes directly into the Student Accounts. The $1 increase is for payment for a Fire Marshall and a police officer; 100% of the income from the sale of tickets "at the door" goes toward the PHSMPA General Fund.

Music Students must arrive at the school at the time designated by their Director. All Music Students are required to remain in the Band Room and Chorus Room unless otherwise instructed by the Directors or designated chaperones.

Concert-goers are allowed to enter the auditorium 45 minutes before the start of the performance. All should bear in mind the following:

  • There is no admittance during musical selections. The Students and their Directors work very hard during the school year to provide the best performance possible to their audience. As a courtesy to them, and to those concert-goers sitting near the back of the auditorium, no one is allowed to enter the auditorium during musical selections. All concert-goers are encouraged to time their exits and returns accordingly.
  • As a courtesy to the Students, their Directors, and to other concert-goers, kindly refrain from talking or otherwise disturbing others during musical selections.
  • Should you choose to forego the remainder of the concert following your Student's portion of the performance, please refrain from congregating in the foyer outside the auditorium. Noise from the foyer may disturb those concert-goers sitting near the back of the auditorium.
  • School policy dictates that no food or beverages be brought into the auditorium at any time.

Students are required to wear the designated uniforms at all concerts. The boys' uniform consists of a tuxedo, white cotton tuxedo shirt, bow tie, black socks, and completely black dress shoes. The girls' uniform for band consists of the ankle-length black shirt, white cotton tuxedo shirt, cross tie, and black dress shoes. The girls' uniform for chorus consists of Concert Chorus or Chamber dress, Black Knee-Highs, completely black shoes (closed toe & flats are preferred).

The Music Department maintains an inventory of tuxedos and skirts. However, the white tuxedo shirts, which comes with tie and studs, must be purchased by the parents.

All students are fitted at the beginning of the year by the staff at Our Place Tuxedos & Uniforms in North Providence. A notice regarding the fittings schedule will be sent home with your student. Our Place graciously donates all fittings and tuxedo alterations, so we encourage our students and parents to acknowledge their generosity with a sincere "Thank You!"

The students are responsible for taking proper care of any uniform elements that belong to the school. At the end of the school year these elements are collected, along with a small fee to cover the cost of dry cleaning.


Each spring, usually during April or May, our Music Students take part in major music festivals. Our Directors make certain that the festivals selected are well worth the effort and expense. In other words, there will be stiff competition worthy of our students, good food and accommodations, and a well-organized and safe itinerary. In the recent past, our students have traveled to such distant locations as Toronto, Williamsburg, Orlando, and even Austria.

The Band and Chorus Directors have found that traveling and competing is a great experience for the students. However, if your child is unable or unwilling to go on the trip, speak to the Band or Chorus Director immediately! It's possible that, with the Director's help, certain problems may be overcome. Barring this, the Director will be forced to make arrangements in advance if the group is to succeed. Please note that, in some cases, the absence of just one key performer can undermine the group's performance in the festival. Such problems must be addressed early in the year before the group is committed financially to the trip.

School regulations mandate that chaperones accompany our students on these trips. Chaperones are responsible for monitoring the students' behavior at all times, enforcing the school's and the Band and Chorus Directors' policies regarding proper behavior, and generally helping the Band and Chorus Directors provide for the welfare of our students. Chaperone candidates are usually Ponaganset High School staff members and Band Parents, and the Directors choose those applicants who will best fulfill the needs of the group.

There is no doubt that these trips can be rather expensive. Luckily, the Directors and PHSMPA organize fundraisers throughout the year to help filter money into your child's Student Account. With a moderate amount of effort, students and/or parents can end up paying little or no money towards the trip expenses.

Some fundraisers are run solely by the Music Directors. In such cases, 100% of the net profit earned by each student goes directly into that child's Student Account. Some fundraisers are run by PHSMPA. Depending on what has been decided at the monthly PHSMPA meetings, anywhere from 25% to 100% of the net profit earned by each student goes directly into that child's Student Account. The remainder of the money goes into the PHSMPA General Fund.

Of course, taking part in fundraising activities is not required. Students and/or parents are welcome to pay for the spring music festival expenses themselves without becoming involved in any fundraising activities. However, joining in these activities is a good way to get to know the Directors, the Music Students, and your fellow Band Parents; and the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie derived from these activities is well worth the effort. You should also remember that monies generated for the PHSMPA General Fund through fund-raising help your student in many indirect ways (see General Fund below).

It's possible that, due to work schedules and other factors, neither you nor your child will have much time to participate in fundraising activities. Thus, the cost of the music festival trip will not be offset by the Student Account. Therefore, it is up to you to plan ahead for these financial considerations. You should remember that deposits and payments are, in most cases, non-refundable after a certain date; so canceling at the last minute will usually result in a loss of all money paid to date. If coming up with the final payments is truly impossible, feel free to speak with your child's Director privately to find a solution to the problem.

Student Accounts
A Student Account is a collection of monies earned through fundraising activities by each of our Music Students. Although the funds are kept in one bank account, a detailed spreadsheet is set up, maintained, and posted by the Directors to keep track of money earned by each individual student. The money in each Student Account is used solely for the purpose of offsetting the expenses for that student's trip.

General Fund
The General Fund is a pooling of profits from various fundraising activities. These funds are used to help the Students and the Directors in ways not usually covered by the school budget; e.g. leasing a copy machine for use by the Music Students and Directors, printing concert and event tickets, and purchasing Senior Gifts, Hospitality Committee necessities, and Directors' boutonnieres for each concert.


Following is an alphabetical listing of businesses that provide instruments, accessories, music, repairs, and/or lessons:

  • Axelrod Music
    663 Killingly Street
    Johnston, RI 02919
  • Chepachet Music
    1 Stafford Yard
    Chepachet, RI 02814
    Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm
  • Luca Music, Inc.
    1530 Mineral Spring Avenue
    North Providence, RI 02906
  • The Music Complex, RI
    615 Putnam Pike
    Smithfield, RI 02828
  • Rick's Musical Instruments, Inc.
    2352 Mendon Road
    Cumberland, RI 02864
    Mon thru Thu 12-8, Fri 12-6, Sat 10-4
  • Robert's Musical Instruments
    687 Quaker Lane
    West Warwick, RI 02893
    Mon thru Friday 12-8; Sat 10-5
  • Ross Music Sales & Service
    1800 Post Road
    Warwick, RI 02886


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